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Trivia Crack Hack for Coins, Spins, Lives & Full Recharge

At times it can be very frustrating playing Trivia Crack – running out of lives or spins can really put a damper on how much you’re able to play the game.  Sure, you can buy more lives or spins using real money, but who wants to do that!?  Having to spend a dollar or even more on a recharge or extra lives can take a lot of the fun out of playing Trivia Crack.

If you’re not worried about running out of lives or spins, there are other ways to gain advantages over your opponents in Trivia Crack.  Having a large stockpile of coins can also be very beneficial to players because you can use them to purchase power-ups and also buy more spins.  While your opponent is racking his or her brain over a tough question, you can simply keep on spinning until you get one that you can answer!

So now you’re probably thinking, yea I know all of this stuff, but what does it have to do with a hack?!  The answer is that the hack can add all of these resources to your account – for free!  The Trivia Crack hack tool will allow you to add an unlimited amount of coins, spins, and lives directly to your account!  You can also do a quick full recharge if that’s what you’re looking for.

How’s it work?  The Trivia Crack hack connects directly to the Trivia Crack servers to add the coins, spins, and lives to your account.  It has been rigorously tested by our developers and receives daily updates to ensure it is functioning properly.

To get started using the Trivia Crack hack, all you need to do is download the tool onto your phone, tablet or mobile device.  The Trivia Crack hack is currently available for iOS and Android devices.  You can download the hack tool right here at TriviaCrackHack.com!

After you download the hack tool onto your device, it will install itself and be ready for use.  The hack tool is a very small file and is easy to delete if you ever decide you no longer need it.  Once you install the Trivia Crack hack, you’ll see an options menu like the one pictured here.


Here are the instructions for how to use the Trivia Crack hack.

  1. First you need to download the hack tool if you haven’t already.  It’s available for download right here on the TriviaCrackHack.com website.
  2. Once the hack is installed onto your phone or tablet, you’ll see the options screen like the one above.
  3. Choose which type of device you’re using to play Trivia Crack – either Android or iOS.  Then tap the “Detect Device” button to link the tool to your device.
  4. After the hack is connected, you can enter the amount of coins and spins you want to add to your account.  You can also choose to add a full recharge or unlimited lives to your account by checking the boxes.
  5. If you’ve filled out all of the information, then the hack is ready to use!  Just tap the “Patch Game” button to begin the hack.  It usually only takes about 15-20 seconds to work and you can monitor the progress in the status bar.
  6. The Trivia Crack hack tool will notify you when it’s complete.  Now just open your Trivia Crack app to confirm that the coins, lives, and spins have been added to your account.
  7. Enjoy playing Trivia Crack with unlimited resources and beating any opponent who crosses your path.  Your friends will wonder how the heck you do it!

If you have any questions or problems with the hack, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact us directly!  Also you can take a look at the FAQ’s below to see if your question has already been answered.

Trivia Crack Hack FAQ’s

Do I need to download the hack to use it?

Yes.  The Trivia Crack hack connects directly to your account so it needs to be downloaded onto the device that you are using to play the game.

What devices does the hack work on?

The Trivia Crack hack is available for iOS and Android devices.  We are currently working on a version for Facebook users.

Is it safe to use?

The hack tool has been tested by thousands of players and is totally safe to use.  Our developers also run frequent tests to ensure that the hack is working properly and security has not been compromised.

Will my account get banned for using the Trivia Crack hack?

The hack software uses a guard protection script to ensure that your account does not get banned for using it.

How often can I use the hack tool?

You can use the Trivia Crack hack as often as you’d like.  However, we recommend that you use it in moderation so you don’t raise any suspicions among the Trivia Crack admins.  If you add a million lives to your account, it may get flagged for removal.

I can’t find the download link for the hack?

There are a couple reasons why you may not be able to see the download link for the hack:

  • You are not using an iOS or Android device.  Currently the hack tool is only available for these devices.
  • It may not be available for players in your country.
  • The hack tool might be undergoing maintenance or testing.  Check back later and it should be available.

Trivia Crack FAQ’s

Here you’ll find a list of some of the most common questions about Trivia Crack.  If you have a question that you don’t see listed here, please ask it in the comments and we’ll be sure to add it!

Match Gameplay

How do I play Trivia Crack?

After you’ve started a new game, you’ll have to spin the wheel to begin answering questions.  You will get a question from one of the six categories in Trivia Crack.

What are the categories in Trivia Crack?

The 6 different categories in Trivia Crack are:

  • History
  • Geography
  • Art
  • Sports
  • Science
  • Entertainment

How do I get characters?

If the Trivia Crack wheel lands on the special slot then you can choose to play for a character or try to steal one from your opponent with a challenge.  Any time you correctly answer three questions in a row, you’ll get a chance to play for a character.

How do lives work?

You must have lives in order to play Trivia Crack.  Each life you have equals one new game that you can start.

How can I get more lives in Trivia Crack?

You can either buy them in shop using money or you can pester your friends to give you more lives.  Trivia Crack automatically gives you more lives after some time.

If I quit a game, will I lose that life?

Yes.  If you resign from a game then you will lose the life.  See the options above for how to get more lives.

Do Trivia Crack matches expire?

Yes.  If a player doesn’t answer a question for two days then the match expires.  The win is awarded to whichever player answered last.

Can I remove finished games in Trivia Crack?

Yes.  To remove a finished game, go to the “Finished Games” section in your Dashboard then tap and hold whichever game you want to remove.  You will then be asked to confirm that you wish to remove that game from the list.  Tapping the trash button at the top of the screen will allow you to remove all of your finished games in one click.

How do I view statistics of the game I’m currently playing?

While playing the game, tap the Statistics icon at the bottom right of the screen.  This will show you the amount of correct and incorrect answers that you and your opponent have answered.


What are Trivia Crack Challenges?

You can challenge an opponent to answer a set of questions.  You are each given one question from each category for a total of six of the same questions.  Whoever has the most answers right wins the challenge.  If the challenger wins, then they get to steal a character from the loser of the challenge.

If I get challenged and I win, do I get to steal a character from my opponent?

If you are challenged and you win, you do not get to steal a character.  Your only prize from winning the challenge is that you get to keep your characters.

Do I have to accept a challenge?

Yes.  If you are challenged then you have to defend your character from your opponent.

What happens if I challenge an opponent and I lose?

If you challenge someone in Trivia Crack and you lose, then you lose a character.  Your opponent however does not get the character, it’s just gone.

What if I tie my opponent’s score in a challenge?

If the challenge ends with a tie, then the challengee gets one final question as a tie-breaker.  If the challengee answers correctly, then they win and vice versa.


How do I get PowerUps?

PowerUps can be purchased using your coins.  Here are the costs for each PowerUp.

  • Bomb – 5 coins
  • Double Chance – 5 coins
  • Skip – 3 coins
  • Extra Time – 1 coin

How can I get more coins?

Players get 20 coins when they first install Trivia Crack.  You can earn more coins by winning matches or buying them from the shop.

How many coins do I get per game?

It depends on how well you do in the game.

Do I still get coins if I resign from the game?

No.  You don’t get any coins if you quit the game early, even if you’ve answered some questions right.

When should I use a PowerUp?

You can use a PowerUp at any time during the 30 seconds given to answer a question.  PowerUps are great if you are unsure of the answer to a question or if you need more time to decide on an answer.

What does the Bomb PowerUp do?

The Bomb is similar to the 50/50 option on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.  It eliminates two of the incorrect answers leaving you with only two answers to choose from.

How does the Skip PowerUp work?

The Skip PowerUp lets you skip the question and gives you a new question from the same category.

What does the Extra Time PowerUp do?

The Extra Time PowerUp will give you an additional 15 seconds to answer a question.

How do I use the Double Chance PowerUp?

You must activate the Double Chance PowerUp before you attempt to answer the question.  Using the Double Chance will give you a second chance to choose an answer if you pick incorrectly the first time.

Can I use more than one PowerUp on a question?

No.  You can only use one PowerUp per question.

How do Extra Spins work?

Using an extra spin allows you to spin again for another category.

How can I get more Extra Spins?

Everyone gets 3 extra spins when they first install the game.  You can either purchase more spins using real money or you can annoy your friends with game requests to get more spins.

Account Settings

Can I change my Trivia Crack username?

Yes.  First go to the menu and tap the Settings button.  Click on your username to type a new username then press OK to save your new username.

How do I see my statistics from every game I’ve played?

Go to the menu and then tap on the “Profile” area.  This is where you can view all of your statistics by category, your challenge statistics, and your overall performance.

How do I block a player on Trivia Crack?

To block someone, go to their profile and tap on the button that says “Block”.  To unblock someone, go to their profile and tap “Unblock”.

Trivia Crack Review

I have to say that the UI in this game was incredibly well designed. Cool animations fly around the screen in a very smooth way. The questions are user submitted so there are always new questions coming. You don’t have to worry about running out of questions. The quality and specificity of questions is another thing. The interface is intuitive and easy. Just install the game and start playing. It has 100 million users so you will always have somebody to play with. The game is very knowledgeable giving you a lot of information along with entertainment and who knows, sometimes a small piece of information changes the way we think. Biggest of all, you can boast to the friends you beat in the game and call the ones who beat you lifeless nerds.

But we know nothing in the world is perfect (unless you’re a Puerto Rican woman, who are scientifically said to have perfect human DNA) ;so like everything else on the planet, a small quiz game such as this one is bound to have flaws. Some which can be neglected, some that need serious attention immediately. First and foremost, the lives system is very annoying. To start with, you have three lives to last you, if you lose all three within five minutes, sorry, you have to wait an entire hour until you can play another round!. We know this type of things are a way to prompt users to do in-app purchases in order to support the developers but Trivia Crack has a 100 million users and it shows a ton of ads. I don’t think they are not earning more than enough from those ads already. Also, there is an ad-free version of the game so there is no point having the lives system. It is a huge turn-off for the users.


Secondly, the difficulty of the questions is definitely a problem. The questions range from the ones your dog can guess to the ones Einstein will never be able to answer. This is unfair. They must be of the same difficulty. If I am being asked when Stephen Hawking was born whereas my opponent is being asked how many states the US has, I think there is no competition which kills the soul of this game. The questions are written by users and are sometimes so specific they should not be asked. Some of the questions are just so obscene that I could never get the right answers. Even when I play the game daily, it doesn’t help me out in learning any answers to the questions. Though the users are given the option to rate the question, which will separate good questions from the bad ones, I don’t think they take much interest in it; they are there to play, not to improve the game. There should be a team rating questions according to their difficulty and relevance. The players should then be presented questions of same relevance and same difficulty.

There should also be a feature to compete for particular subjects. No one is master of all subjects. A fine scientist might be very bad at geography and uninstall the game after losing multiple times. Some people might not be interested in sports, why should they be held back by this. There should be a science only section and a sports only section etc. It will be much more interesting in my opinion.

Advertisements are also annoying (unless it’s a 4K display LCD on sale or an expensive cat free for adoption), I cannot complain about them as they are main source of income for developers. But I can, about the in-app purchases; they keep on popping up and sometimes become so annoying they can be a turn-off.

Another flaw that I saw a lot of people complaining about in their reviews is that there is no option for changing your profile photo if you use email address instead of Facebook sign up. Also, the game did not display any notifications when you were challenged by someone or when it was your turn to play. This issue has been resolved with the 1.0.3 version update of the game.


Artwork: I give Trivia Crack a 9/10 for its artwork. The artwork is childlike in a fun way. Everything is bright, colorful and bouncy. The animations of the subject characters are incredibly adorable; it makes you want to keep on getting question right just to see them dance. Everything about the artwork screams “PLAY THIS GAME! IT’S REALLY FUN!” at me.

Music & SFX: I give the game a 6/10 for its music and SFX. The sound effects of this game definitely have a cutesy feel to them, which really does make the game a little more enjoyable. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a whole lot in the way of music, which is really a shame because this game could have such fun music in it and I’m sure it would attract more people. Sometime a good soundtrack really makes the game.

Story & Originality: I give the game a 6/10 for its story and originality. There are very few games that are released these days with total originality; Trivia Crack was no exception to this. The quiz genre of gaming has been done time and time again, so the idea really was not a new one. Games like this don’t really seem to need a story behind them, but for one it would be good to see a game that really sets itself apart from the others of its genre.

General Gameplay: I give Trivia Crack a 7/10 for general gameplay. The game is fairly intuitive, it is really easy to figures and doesn’t take you long to get into the swing of things. My only complaint is that the constant pop up ads and slow life regeneration times really break up the flow of the game, which is disappointing, because I could really play the game for long periods of time if it weren’t for those two facts.

Addictiveness: I give the game an 8/10 for addictiveness. The game is definitely very addictive and I would love to be able to play it for hours on end, however, the games own mechanics prevents me from doing this. Like I said in the previous rating point, the fact that there is a lot of waiting in between actual playing really decreases to amount of time you’re able to be addicted. I understand that they’re just trying to make money from their in app purchases, but that isn’t the way to do it. They claim that the IAP’s are optional; however, with the way this game works, they make it so buying energy is the only choice for continuing playing. That kind of thing turns a lot of fans away from the game and to a game they can actually play.

Overall, I give Trivia Crack a 7/10.

Trivia Crack Cheats & Tips

Because of the nature of the game, answers can usually be hard to predict because you’re not actually able to choose your own topic. You can however thwart this disadvantage by choosing your categories and using bonuses.

When you have answered 3 questions in a row, you will have the option to play for a character (mastery). If you feel you are weak in a category, do not choose it. It will be hard to win and there is a chance your opponent will steal it from you. So earn the one you think is the easiest first. Even if it gets stolen, you can earn it pretty easily again. Also, you can steal the mastery icon of a category you find hard from the opponent. It is a good strategy to just steal the mastery you are weak at.


There are always to ways to succeed, get ahead of others or get others to be behind you. You can use the same principle here in Trivia Crack. Know your enemy. Know their weaknesses. If you know someone is weak at science, you can steal their science mastery icon. If it is a stranger, you can guess by the time they take to earn those masteries. If your opponent earns science mastery in 15 seconds, they are a goddamn scientist. Catch them at geography. This is not always true though. They may also get lucky to get easy questions. Or they might also be a geographer scientist. Who knows?

Google is your friend. You can Google the answer to any question and never be wrong. You can be the unspoken king of Trivia Crack. Additionally, there might be another person’s ego getting hurt watching you answer all questions in a jiffy and not being able to answer any themself. Watch out.

Remember, you will not always win. Life gets pretty rough sometimes but that does not mean you are bad at the game or at Science or Geography. Whenever you are losing too many games, just remember Einstein was kicked out of school.

Trivia Crack 101

If you are one of those general knowledge Nazis and love to beat people with mildly interesting facts, we have a game for you. From the developers of Aworded, we present you the most downloaded app of December 2014 on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store; ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Trivia Crack. Trivia Crack is an online trivia game where the player can compete with his Facebook friends or an unknown stranger for general knowledge about six categories of knowledge. History, Science, Geography, Sports, Entertainment and Arts. Rated 4.5/5 stars, the game is very addictive. Smooth UI, nice music and interesting questions add the interest in game on top of the addiction of winning over others (which, by far in human history, has proven to be the greatest addiction).

The Goal of this game is to master all six categories before the other player does. If 25 rounds are completed and no player has mastered all 6 categories, the person who has mastered more categories will win. If both players have mastered same number of categories, there will be a six question challenge. The one who wins this challenge wins the game. If both players tie this challenge, the player who started the game wins.


Signing up is easy. You can sign up with your Facebook account or with your email information and in seconds, you will be answering your first question in the game. Signing up with Facebook is better as you get a chance to play with your Facebook friends. There is a wheel of fortune at the screen when game starts. There are seven slots in the wheel. Six for all categories and seventh is a special crown slot.

After spinning the wheel, if your wheel stops at any of the six normal slots, a question related to that category will be shown on the screen along with 4 possible answers, you will have to choose the correct answer. You will keep answering the questions as long as you are answering them right. Whenever a player gives incorrect answer to a question, its other players turn. If a player answers three questions in a row, he has a chance to master a category, or to challenge the opponent for one of his masteries.

If the wheel of fortune stops on the special slot (the crown slot), you will be given two options:

Crown Mode: Master a category with answering just one question.

The Challenge Mode: In this mode, you bet your mastery of a category for one mastery of the other player. You will then be presented with six questions. After you answer them, the other player will be presented with the same questions. The player with more correct answers wins. If you win, you will be able to steal the mastery of the other player. If you lose, you will lose the mastery you bet to the other player. So choose this option wisely and try to choose a category you are most confident about. In case you lose, you will have to earn that category again or steal it back from the other player.

If you invite someone to play Trivia Crack with you on Facebook, you will be able to play the first round and then will have to wait for the other player to accept your game invite. The invite can wait for as long as it takes. After the player has accepted the invite, you can play the game with them. Each player has 2 days to play their turn and 30 seconds to answer after the question appears on the screen. If a player does not answer to any question for 2 days, they automatically loses the game. You can also play with a random person. Once you have completed the first round, you will be paired with a person who has also played their first round and then you can carry on.


There are a hundred thousand questions in Trivia Crack which are constantly increasing. The questions range from the ones which a toddler can easily answer to the ones which no one other than field scientists can reply to. The questions are added by the players. After you have answered a question correctly, you can rate that question to improve game experience for others. The questions are user generated so they can be pretty specific or otherwise bad sometimes. Once you have answered a question right, you can see the person who generated the question along with the translator if the question is translated. If you are an enthusiast, you can find that person on your own and appreciate or scold them for that question (I or trivia Crack will not be responsible for any damages you get in return so enter this quest at your own risk).

In Trivia Crack, the player has limited lives which are indicated by heart icons at corner of the screen. There are three lives at the max. Every time the player plays a game, they utilize a life. After all the lives are gone, they can no longer start a new game. Though they can play already started games as normal. A life is earned every hour unless the life capacity is full. If you don’t like to wait, you can buy lives in in-app purchases. Whenever the game is updated, players are given a chance to but infinite lives or to increase their lives capacity.

There are power-ups which help the player throughout the game. These power-ups are shown by small icons at the bottom of the screen.

Extra Time: Usually, there are 30 seconds for the player to answer a question. This power-up will increase that time to 45 seconds.

Bomb: Whenever in doubt, you can use the bomb which destroys two incorrect options and you can choose from the rest of two.

Double Chance: This power-up gives you a second chance if you answer the question wrong.

Skip: You can skip the question you do not know the answer to.

All the power-ups are limited in number and can be bought in in-app purchases or using the coins which are earned by winning the games. These power-ups are helpful in critical situations where you are very close to winning and get stuck on a subject you have no idea about. Try to avoid the purchases using real money though as they can cost you a lot in the long run.

Trivia Crack is currently running version1.9.3 and requires your device to be running at least iOS version 6.0 or later. The game is available to play in over ten different languages, so trivia addicts worldwide will be able to enjoy the game. The game can be downloaded for free from the app store, with the option to purchase further in app content. The game currently has a four and a half star rating with the majority of reviews showing a positive response to the game. The game also has Facebook integration so that you’re able to compete with your friends.

There are multiple in app purchase options available in the game that can really help you out. You can purchase a five life limit which lifts your three life limit up to five, this costs $4.99. If you aren’t really confident in your ability to make five lives last, you can also get endless lives for $24.99. There are also five different coin package options available for purchase; a ten coin package costs ninety nine cents, a fifty five coin package costs $4.99, a one hundred and twenty coin package costs $9.99, a three hundred and twenty coin package $24.99 and a one thousand three hundred coin package costs $99.99. You can also buy extra spins so that you can re-spin if the spinner lands on one of your worst topics; a three spin package costs ninety nine cents, an eighteen spin package costs $4.99 and a one hundred spin package costs $24.99. All of these things are valuable; I highly recommend you keep all them in high supply. There is also an ad free version of the game which costs $2.99 and removes all of those incredibly annoying ads.