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Trivia Crack Cheats & Tips

Because of the nature of the game, answers can usually be hard to predict because you’re not actually able to choose your own topic. You can however thwart this disadvantage by choosing your categories and using bonuses.

When you have answered 3 questions in a row, you will have the option to play for a character (mastery). If you feel you are weak in a category, do not choose it. It will be hard to win and there is a chance your opponent will steal it from you. So earn the one you think is the easiest first. Even if it gets stolen, you can earn it pretty easily again. Also, you can steal the mastery icon of a category you find hard from the opponent. It is a good strategy to just steal the mastery you are weak at.


There are always to ways to succeed, get ahead of others or get others to be behind you. You can use the same principle here in Trivia Crack. Know your enemy. Know their weaknesses. If you know someone is weak at science, you can steal their science mastery icon. If it is a stranger, you can guess by the time they take to earn those masteries. If your opponent earns science mastery in 15 seconds, they are a goddamn scientist. Catch them at geography. This is not always true though. They may also get lucky to get easy questions. Or they might also be a geographer scientist. Who knows?

Google is your friend. You can Google the answer to any question and never be wrong. You can be the unspoken king of Trivia Crack. Additionally, there might be another person’s ego getting hurt watching you answer all questions in a jiffy and not being able to answer any themself. Watch out.

Remember, you will not always win. Life gets pretty rough sometimes but that does not mean you are bad at the game or at Science or Geography. Whenever you are losing too many games, just remember Einstein was kicked out of school.

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