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Trivia Crack FAQ’s

Here you’ll find a list of some of the most common questions about Trivia Crack.  If you have a question that you don’t see listed here, please ask it in the comments and we’ll be sure to add it!

Match Gameplay

How do I play Trivia Crack?

After you’ve started a new game, you’ll have to spin the wheel to begin answering questions.  You will get a question from one of the six categories in Trivia Crack.

What are the categories in Trivia Crack?

The 6 different categories in Trivia Crack are:

  • History
  • Geography
  • Art
  • Sports
  • Science
  • Entertainment

How do I get characters?

If the Trivia Crack wheel lands on the special slot then you can choose to play for a character or try to steal one from your opponent with a challenge.  Any time you correctly answer three questions in a row, you’ll get a chance to play for a character.

How do lives work?

You must have lives in order to play Trivia Crack.  Each life you have equals one new game that you can start.

How can I get more lives in Trivia Crack?

You can either buy them in shop using money or you can pester your friends to give you more lives.  Trivia Crack automatically gives you more lives after some time.

If I quit a game, will I lose that life?

Yes.  If you resign from a game then you will lose the life.  See the options above for how to get more lives.

Do Trivia Crack matches expire?

Yes.  If a player doesn’t answer a question for two days then the match expires.  The win is awarded to whichever player answered last.

Can I remove finished games in Trivia Crack?

Yes.  To remove a finished game, go to the “Finished Games” section in your Dashboard then tap and hold whichever game you want to remove.  You will then be asked to confirm that you wish to remove that game from the list.  Tapping the trash button at the top of the screen will allow you to remove all of your finished games in one click.

How do I view statistics of the game I’m currently playing?

While playing the game, tap the Statistics icon at the bottom right of the screen.  This will show you the amount of correct and incorrect answers that you and your opponent have answered.


What are Trivia Crack Challenges?

You can challenge an opponent to answer a set of questions.  You are each given one question from each category for a total of six of the same questions.  Whoever has the most answers right wins the challenge.  If the challenger wins, then they get to steal a character from the loser of the challenge.

If I get challenged and I win, do I get to steal a character from my opponent?

If you are challenged and you win, you do not get to steal a character.  Your only prize from winning the challenge is that you get to keep your characters.

Do I have to accept a challenge?

Yes.  If you are challenged then you have to defend your character from your opponent.

What happens if I challenge an opponent and I lose?

If you challenge someone in Trivia Crack and you lose, then you lose a character.  Your opponent however does not get the character, it’s just gone.

What if I tie my opponent’s score in a challenge?

If the challenge ends with a tie, then the challengee gets one final question as a tie-breaker.  If the challengee answers correctly, then they win and vice versa.


How do I get PowerUps?

PowerUps can be purchased using your coins.  Here are the costs for each PowerUp.

  • Bomb – 5 coins
  • Double Chance – 5 coins
  • Skip – 3 coins
  • Extra Time – 1 coin

How can I get more coins?

Players get 20 coins when they first install Trivia Crack.  You can earn more coins by winning matches or buying them from the shop.

How many coins do I get per game?

It depends on how well you do in the game.

Do I still get coins if I resign from the game?

No.  You don’t get any coins if you quit the game early, even if you’ve answered some questions right.

When should I use a PowerUp?

You can use a PowerUp at any time during the 30 seconds given to answer a question.  PowerUps are great if you are unsure of the answer to a question or if you need more time to decide on an answer.

What does the Bomb PowerUp do?

The Bomb is similar to the 50/50 option on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.  It eliminates two of the incorrect answers leaving you with only two answers to choose from.

How does the Skip PowerUp work?

The Skip PowerUp lets you skip the question and gives you a new question from the same category.

What does the Extra Time PowerUp do?

The Extra Time PowerUp will give you an additional 15 seconds to answer a question.

How do I use the Double Chance PowerUp?

You must activate the Double Chance PowerUp before you attempt to answer the question.  Using the Double Chance will give you a second chance to choose an answer if you pick incorrectly the first time.

Can I use more than one PowerUp on a question?

No.  You can only use one PowerUp per question.

How do Extra Spins work?

Using an extra spin allows you to spin again for another category.

How can I get more Extra Spins?

Everyone gets 3 extra spins when they first install the game.  You can either purchase more spins using real money or you can annoy your friends with game requests to get more spins.

Account Settings

Can I change my Trivia Crack username?

Yes.  First go to the menu and tap the Settings button.  Click on your username to type a new username then press OK to save your new username.

How do I see my statistics from every game I’ve played?

Go to the menu and then tap on the “Profile” area.  This is where you can view all of your statistics by category, your challenge statistics, and your overall performance.

How do I block a player on Trivia Crack?

To block someone, go to their profile and tap on the button that says “Block”.  To unblock someone, go to their profile and tap “Unblock”.

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