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Trivia Crack Hack for Coins, Spins, Lives & Full Recharge

At times it can be very frustrating playing Trivia Crack – running out of lives or spins can really put a damper on how much you’re able to play the game.  Sure, you can buy more lives or spins using real money, but who wants to do that!?  Having to spend a dollar or even more on a recharge or extra lives can take a lot of the fun out of playing Trivia Crack.

If you’re not worried about running out of lives or spins, there are other ways to gain advantages over your opponents in Trivia Crack.  Having a large stockpile of coins can also be very beneficial to players because you can use them to purchase power-ups and also buy more spins.  While your opponent is racking his or her brain over a tough question, you can simply keep on spinning until you get one that you can answer!

So now you’re probably thinking, yea I know all of this stuff, but what does it have to do with a hack?!  The answer is that the hack can add all of these resources to your account – for free!  The Trivia Crack hack tool will allow you to add an unlimited amount of coins, spins, and lives directly to your account!  You can also do a quick full recharge if that’s what you’re looking for.

How’s it work?  The Trivia Crack hack connects directly to the Trivia Crack servers to add the coins, spins, and lives to your account.  It has been rigorously tested by our developers and receives daily updates to ensure it is functioning properly.

To get started using the Trivia Crack hack, all you need to do is download the tool onto your phone, tablet or mobile device.  The Trivia Crack hack is currently available for iOS and Android devices.  You can download the hack tool right here at TriviaCrackHack.com!

After you download the hack tool onto your device, it will install itself and be ready for use.  The hack tool is a very small file and is easy to delete if you ever decide you no longer need it.  Once you install the Trivia Crack hack, you’ll see an options menu like the one pictured here.


Here are the instructions for how to use the Trivia Crack hack.

  1. First you need to download the hack tool if you haven’t already.  It’s available for download right here on the TriviaCrackHack.com website.
  2. Once the hack is installed onto your phone or tablet, you’ll see the options screen like the one above.
  3. Choose which type of device you’re using to play Trivia Crack – either Android or iOS.  Then tap the “Detect Device” button to link the tool to your device.
  4. After the hack is connected, you can enter the amount of coins and spins you want to add to your account.  You can also choose to add a full recharge or unlimited lives to your account by checking the boxes.
  5. If you’ve filled out all of the information, then the hack is ready to use!  Just tap the “Patch Game” button to begin the hack.  It usually only takes about 15-20 seconds to work and you can monitor the progress in the status bar.
  6. The Trivia Crack hack tool will notify you when it’s complete.  Now just open your Trivia Crack app to confirm that the coins, lives, and spins have been added to your account.
  7. Enjoy playing Trivia Crack with unlimited resources and beating any opponent who crosses your path.  Your friends will wonder how the heck you do it!

If you have any questions or problems with the hack, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact us directly!  Also you can take a look at the FAQ’s below to see if your question has already been answered.

Trivia Crack Hack FAQ’s

Do I need to download the hack to use it?

Yes.  The Trivia Crack hack connects directly to your account so it needs to be downloaded onto the device that you are using to play the game.

What devices does the hack work on?

The Trivia Crack hack is available for iOS and Android devices.  We are currently working on a version for Facebook users.

Is it safe to use?

The hack tool has been tested by thousands of players and is totally safe to use.  Our developers also run frequent tests to ensure that the hack is working properly and security has not been compromised.

Will my account get banned for using the Trivia Crack hack?

The hack software uses a guard protection script to ensure that your account does not get banned for using it.

How often can I use the hack tool?

You can use the Trivia Crack hack as often as you’d like.  However, we recommend that you use it in moderation so you don’t raise any suspicions among the Trivia Crack admins.  If you add a million lives to your account, it may get flagged for removal.

I can’t find the download link for the hack?

There are a couple reasons why you may not be able to see the download link for the hack:

  • You are not using an iOS or Android device.  Currently the hack tool is only available for these devices.
  • It may not be available for players in your country.
  • The hack tool might be undergoing maintenance or testing.  Check back later and it should be available.

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